Friday, July 10, 2015

2 Weeks!!!!!

So now we are down to two weeks. Can you even believe just 14 more days. So much is being done at the house and still so much is yet to be done.. The brick is yet to be finished.  The siding is yet to be delivered. Just if we get some break from this rain.. We are also waiting for our granite..

Now the pictures..
Morning room closet

Teeny hallway closet

Powder room sink


Linen closet

Master bath


Walk-in closet racks

More closet


Gas pipe

Bath light

Foyer in all its glory!! my favorite view in the house

living room

kitchen with recessed lights

Microwave installed

Light outside basement

hmm... Furnace

Water heater

Fuse box

Basement was so well lit.. it was awesome!!

Garage door light on

Brick still in progress!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

3 more weeks!!

So our closing is scheduled for Friday, July 24th. I hope it stays that way. They had our half walls for stairs installed today. the framers had missed on framing it. When we went yesterday, outside brick was being done and the tiles/ vinyl flooring inside. Hoping for a few dry days to finish the brick and siding.

Brick on the garage side. We chose the brick based on that tiny swatch. But I m happy it has the exact rustic feel I was expecting. 

brick going on the back. below the morning room.

Garage doors were installed.

Half wall that was added later. 

Tile in the master bath

Laundry room sub floor

Putting vinyl. we upgraded one level.


brick on the back