Sunday, June 28, 2015

More Progress Amidst Rain

So it has been raining like crazy here for the past couple weeks. We have our brick delivered and scaffolding all set up for them to start but no respite from the rain. But the indoors had some nice stuff done. The trim was installed and so were the kitchen cabinets. I am in so much love with the kitchen already.

Patio door in the morning room with trim on

Installing kitchen cabinets. So pretty...

Love love love the cabinets!!

French doors in the study. all covered up yet

Master bath vanity

Kids bath vanity

Reading nook with capped wall.

This is one area of concern. The gap between the two doors narrows down on the top. have to discuss with PM

My GORGEOUS island. So happy we got it


powder room mirror

Scaffolding all set up

Friday, June 26, 2015

Painted and Pretty!!

So it's been a couple days. We went on Tuesday, June 23rd and they had it all primed up or maybe even painted a coat. We also got an email from our PM that they are going to start the trim and the brick was delivered and will be started shortly. We are going again today hoping to see some more progress..

Brick delivered.. We need a few dry days to get this thing done.

What we found in the closet!!

Up we go

Family room


Morning room

Morning room double patio door

Step up!!

Woods in the backyard

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wall 'O' Dry-Wall

So how long is this dry-wall thing going to take actually?? it seems to be a never ending process.. But they are working real hard for sure. We went at 6 PM on a Saturday evening, and there were men hard at work.  We asked our project manager and he said he is expecting the dry wall to be done by coming Tuesday. We are also waiting for our brick to be delivered and started, but its raining crazy last couple weeks now.

Driving in CRAZY rain

Morning room part of basement


Driveway prep

Morning room windows

Rough ceiling in the family room

Family room from the kitchen


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garage Full of Goodies!!!

Wednesday evening we drove to the homesite again thinking they might have gotten our brick by now. The brick was not there but oh my, the garage was FULL of the goodies. Doors, screen door, CABINETS, vanities and my cute mailbox. 

They have started taping the drywall. The house looked so nice, its really getting difficult to come back to this apartment we have now.

Our cozy reading nook


Steps going up

Mailbox.. Awww

Hall bath vanity

Master bath double vanity

Cabinets galore

A screen door and other doors

morning room part of basement. love the view

Basement shot

steps going up the basement

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drywall going up!!

So we were only there on Saturday.. But then my husband could come home a little early and we drove to the homesite.. Oh boy, they had almost completed most of the drywall.. It was looking so good I just wanted to stay there and have a cup of hot tea ;)

I believe they ran out of drywall since we didn't see any drywall lying around and they still had to finish the morning room and some stuff on the first floor.. So here are the pictures!!

Electric box in the basement

morning room waiting for more drywall

This is the closet we got for getting the 4 feet extension. One major reason for adding that upgrade.

The cozy space on the second floor. This is gonna be our reading nook for the kids

Master bedroom

Kids room


My gorgeous kitchen to be with the pantry

Family room

Family room from the hallway

Finally I was able to capture all the windows and door in Foyer. Its just too grand and full of light