Saturday, June 6, 2015

On our way to pre drywall

So our pre drywall meeting has been scheduled for June 11. It took them a while to begin, but the work has now started with full steam. We visited the house yesterday night.. Wow it feels like a house now and not just homesite. HVAC stuff was almost done and there were vents and plumbing lines everywhere. They even installed our furnace. the house looks so cozy that we didn't feel like coming back to our apartment. Ah!! this wait is tough. But I keep on telling myself its all gonna be worth it. 

And on our way back I turned on one nice hindi song that was buzzing in my mind, since we visited the house :) Piya ka ghar hai, Raani hoon mein (I am the queen of the house ;)). 

Now the pics. Every time we go, we get so lost in the house that we just forget to take pictures. But still I took some shots.

HVAC in attic

HVAC in attic

HVAC on main floor

Shower in master bath

plumbing connection for our master bath.

Hall bath

Family room

kitchen and morning room

High efficiency gas furnace

marking for Gourmet island. Can't wait can't wait

Garage openings


  1. It was awesome. Dominic was great at answering all our questions and then some. we could see it all coming up together so well and are even more excited. But we thought we will take the pictures once the meeting is done and by the time meeting was done, they had already started putting the insulation in :).. Hows your house.. I am already looking forward to your Saturday post..