Friday, June 12, 2015

Pre-Drywall n All

We had our pre-drywall meeting yesterday with our PM. It was wonderful to tour the house with him. We could see it all coming together very well. They had forgotten to put our light rough-ins over the island, but PM said he was aware and was taking care of it. We added fan rough-ins to three bedrooms and don't know why but left one. But we saw yesterday that they had wired it for all the rooms. a nice little surprise. Another plus was that I was expecting one light on the side of front door with our elevation, but we saw wiring for two. Happy dance!! Its kind of silly the things that make us happy. Now the pictures.

Front shot.. Gorgeous!!

SOLD sign in the window 

Family room from the Study

Laundry room all set

Round top Window..

Looking from top to the entry door. 

Water connection line in the Formal dining

Kitchen with vent OUT

Master Bedroom

Master bath with walk in closet in the end

Kids' bath

Kids room

Dining room all insulated

Family room all insulated

Kitchen again

morning room.

Morning room patio door

Selfie.. Happy us

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  1. Oh, this post just made me smile! Especially the last picture! Things are looking great!