Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wall 'O' Dry-Wall

So how long is this dry-wall thing going to take actually?? it seems to be a never ending process.. But they are working real hard for sure. We went at 6 PM on a Saturday evening, and there were men hard at work.  We asked our project manager and he said he is expecting the dry wall to be done by coming Tuesday. We are also waiting for our brick to be delivered and started, but its raining crazy last couple weeks now.

Driving in CRAZY rain

Morning room part of basement


Driveway prep

Morning room windows

Rough ceiling in the family room

Family room from the kitchen



  1. Huh. We stopped by at 3 that afternoon and there weren't any workers there on either of our houses. But I'm glad to hear that they're still plugging along! It's looking great! And I'm excited that things are looking to be done even a week before you need to be out of your apartment. So exciting! And I hear you on having to go back to your apartment after visiting the lot. It's probably my biggest struggle!

  2. Yes.. We r seriously hoping to close on 24th. You are almost there and your house is just gorgeous :)