Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drywall going up!!

So we were only there on Saturday.. But then my husband could come home a little early and we drove to the homesite.. Oh boy, they had almost completed most of the drywall.. It was looking so good I just wanted to stay there and have a cup of hot tea ;)

I believe they ran out of drywall since we didn't see any drywall lying around and they still had to finish the morning room and some stuff on the first floor.. So here are the pictures!!

Electric box in the basement

morning room waiting for more drywall

This is the closet we got for getting the 4 feet extension. One major reason for adding that upgrade.

The cozy space on the second floor. This is gonna be our reading nook for the kids

Master bedroom

Kids room


My gorgeous kitchen to be with the pantry

Family room

Family room from the hallway

Finally I was able to capture all the windows and door in Foyer. Its just too grand and full of light


  1. Wow! I am LOVING all of your options and upgrades! You're making me regret not getting that 4 ft. extension again! It's amazing how we have the same model and yet they're both SO different!

  2. Never mind.. I am also the queen of regretting.. I am sure we will love the houses we live in with our families and make wonderful memories :)