Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Waiting Game!!

So its been a while since I posted. Nothing much was going on except waiting for them to start our foundation. Hopefully they are going to start this week and the things get rolling. Our current lease ends in the end of July. 

Meanwhile I kept my cool looking around for some stuff online. decor ideas, paint and lots of cool DIY stuff people do. We also threw a party for our kids birthday today and enjoyed cooking a nice meal and eating with friends :). All the time I was imagining cooking in my gorgeous new kitchen.. So now hopefully, I should have some update to share by the end of upcoming week.. Happy building everyone!!


  1. Hopefully they'll start soon. Do you have a timeline for how long it'll take to build? Find any good stuff online? :)

  2. They cant have a definite date until they start in the first place and the PM said he can not be sure until the roof is on, since weather can delay the things. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the weather thingie. Though he said it could be third week of July, we wont know for sure.. We are keeping or fingers and toes crossed :).

  3. So we got an e-mail today saying they finally poured our slab. Does that mean your footers were finally done?! :)

    1. Yes.. They finally started. They did a drilled foundation instead of footers.. now keeping our fingers crossed..