Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So yesterday we made a trip to our local Costco. Though we have no room in our apartment for any stuff, I couldn't help myself from picking some knick-knacks :). We picked up two little stainless steel trash cans for the bathrooms, which were all a teeny bit discounted.  We also picked up some shelf liners for the kitchen cabinets and Pantry. 

Then we ordered some random stuff from Amazon for our DIY projects that we are really excited about. Amazon was running a promotion where it was $10 off 50 on Black and Decker tools. So we ended up ordering this Jig Saw and some blades. :) 


Exciting isn't it!! and then the purchase of the day:

Bedding set that I really liked from Macy's was at a good deal. Too good to pass ;) Its Bamboo flower collection from Calvin Klein. So while Ryan Homes is taking its own sweet time to start digging our home, we can keep busy adding some stuff to our tiny apartment and make it into a warehouse.

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