Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things we are excited about!!!

So this is my 6 year old's idea of writing in my blog. She came to me and asked me mom lets write the things we are excited about..

So I am most excited about...

  • My morning cup of coffee in my morning room.
  • Kitchen cabinet space. Fill up with all the stuff overflowing from my apartment cabinets and still have soo much space.
  • The kitchen island and granite. that thing really is so pretty.
  • Setting up my family room. Looking forward to movie nights after the kids are asleep..
  • having my own washer and dryer. Tired of waiting for our assigned hours to do laundry and having to do 5-6 loads together at times. and not to forget 20 bucks a week we almost spend on it.. and sharing the apartment laundry. and recently someone stole my new Tide from apartment laundry room. boy I was so mad. 
My 6 year old's favorite things

  • Gardening in the backyard
  • Baking on the island (prep)
  • Getting my new bunk bed and sitting on the top bed and crafting/ coloring and reading on it.
  • hide in the basement when papa comes home from office and BOOOO him and playing with my friends in the basement.
  • having my birthday in the new home and having a piƱata 
Husband is excited about:

  • well.. in his words " I am just excited that we are getting a nice and big house to live and we are building our own house". Men can be oh!! so not expressive..
and my 3 year old.. well he is always excited. he gets more space to make bigger messes :D


  1. Love this!! So much to be thankful for!

  2. Too cute! I may have to make a list of my own as well! :)

  3. Morning cups of coffee in the morning room is one of the best things. We do it every day, and each day I reflect at how happy we are.