Saturday, February 21, 2015

14 day meeting with SR


So today we again met our SR to finalize the structural changes to  our house. We also decided on the color of the brick, door and siding. It was a lot of fun for us going through the options. The final exterior scheme we chose was Craggy Mountain brick with Naval color door and Pebble Clay siding.

We also finalized the structural changes that we made. We ended up choosing:

1. Study with French doors.
2. Morning Room
3. 4 feet extension to the family room, which also gave us a three car garage.
4. Gourmet Island ( I am so excited about this one.. I can't tell)
5. Added one window to the family room.

And thats pretty much it. We have our Rite Rug meeting on Monday, February 2nd. I am not too keen on this one since we do not have any budget to add to flooring and will be putting in the basic flooring. But still keeping my fingers crossed.

Craggy mountain brick with Pebble Clay siding and Naval door.
This is what our elevation will be. It will be reversed though.

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