Saturday, February 21, 2015

30 Days: Final Selections

So we had our 30 day meeting with the sales rep. We pretty much were done with our selections. just made a few additions in electrical and upgraded the cabinets to level 2. we always knew we wanted an awesome kitchen as we both love to cook. So I can say its pretty much my dream kitchen. So looking forward to making piping hot food in the kitchen and serving on the island to my family. One thing we wanted to make sure was that kitchen vent is vented outside and not circulated inside. So far in all our meetings with our SR I have asked about this vent as was told that it is a standard Ryan Homes follows. 

Main floor:
1. Ceiling fan prewires in the Living room, Morning room, Study.

2. Prewiring for pendant lighting over the island. Recessed lighting in Living room and Morning room. Our kitchen and finished basement already come with recessed lighting.

3. Santa Cecelia Granite and Wyoming Cherry Spice cabinets in hardwood (so exciting)

4. Gourmet Island (yummy)

5. Elongated toilets upgrade for whole house

6. Elevation D with brick front

7. Standard appliances (Plan to replace later with all stainless)

8. Gas range hookup

9. Updates kitchen faucet to the one with pull out spray front.

10. 4 feet extension to family room, giving us 3 car garage and another pantry.

11. Morning room

12. Study with french doors


1. Finished walk-out basement with sliding glass door.

Second floor:

1. Walk-in fiberglass shower in master bath instead of tub

2. Ceiling fan prewire in three bedrooms

Our anticipated date for start of construction is 03/18/15 03/25/2015. The closing would be somewhere in the July we are told.


  1. Love your selections! Fun times!!!
    The vent in my kitchen is one of the very very few issues I have with my home. The microwave fan thing Ryan use is just not powerful enough. We will be changing the appliances soon so hopefully we can solve that issue then. It is vented outside though. They came by twice to check it but no difference

  2. I am really glad you are happy with your house.. we are all so excited.. especially my daughter, who cannot wait to start her own garden :). I hope changing appliances solves the vent issue for you.

  3. It looks like we will begin construction and close around the same time. Looking forward to following your blog and seeing both homes progress.