Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Time Homebuyers

So finally its time for us to buy our first house.  We have been married for last 10 years and have two beautiful kids 6 and 3. we moved to the USA when my elder one was 6 months old (ahh how time flies). So in the past 6 years, DH finished his loooong training to be a physician (1998-2015), we had another baby and enjoyed in our 1100 sqft two bedroom apartment, which we pretty much outgrew with the birth of our second child. 

So as my husband started his real job in 2015, the first thing we wanted to do was to get a house and let our kids enjoy the endless fun a backyard could bring. 

We were always thrilled with this idea of building a house. On my internet searches Ryan Homes kept popping up and we visited a community sometime in September/ October 2014. Then we realized with our current lease till July 2015, it was probably a little too early to look. So we postponed our search for a while. So around mid January, when we got an email from Ryan, we thought we might go and look into the community since it was a small community in a very good school district and reasonable commute for my husband. And not to forget, they are getting a new Trader Joe's so close to the community ;).

So we went and we saw the community and met the SR. A day later, we drove to the Cobblestone community nearby and really liked the model. Luckily for us, my mom was with us, and she also liked the build and layout of the house. Thats when we decided we are going to build. We are beyond excited since this is gonna be our first home.


  1. Ya STAR!!! Its a fun ride, just stay very very involved. what model did you choose. I also am in the medical field here in pittsburgh area, in Cardiology.

  2. Hi. Yes we plan to stay very involved. and despite our very limited knowledge of home building practices in the States, all these blogs are a life saver. Atleast we know what questions should we ask. your blog is wonderful. We are building Fox Chapel model. My husband is a Pathologist :)